In addition to legal services, together with other specialists and experts, we provide comprehensive and specialized services in the following areas:

We provide a comprehensive list of legal services in various areas of law.

In addition, we provide specialist services across the following legal matters:


engineering and other legal services related to zoning, construction and combined zoning and construction procedure
Obtaining formal approvals from relevant authorities
Contractual provision of legal relations required for territorial and construction proceedings
Representation in legal disputes in case of rejection of a proposal for the issuance of a zoning approval or building permit
Proposing of legal steps for the issuance of necessary permits


Land purchase for development projects
Preparation of the territory for the implementation of large-scale construction
Obtaining landscaping permits, including contractual agenda


Tax law analyses (VAT, Income tax, other taxes)
Legal advice on tax audits
Representation against decisions of tax authorities
Client representation in criminal proceedings (tax and economic crime)


In relation to the government, insurance companies, and other entities, recovery of insurance payments, traffic accidents and resulting claims
Recovery of damages in relation to compulsory third party insurance, insurance contracts, injury and impairment compensation

Our work leads to client satisfaction.

We have a proven track record in helping to change the court decisions in various complicated matters in favor of our clients.