The following is a non-comprehensive list of clients who also appreciate our experience,

the quality of the services provided and our approach to their needs:

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in order to maintain privacy in relation to the clients, we do not provide their business names

  • A world leader in lime production with over 150 years of experience in mining and production of limestone and dolomite limestone, with headquarters in Belgium, operating in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa
  • retail chain of food stores in Slovakia
  • wholesale food seller in Slovakia, which has been on the market for over 25 years
  • a German company operating in the electricity and gas distribution industry
  • one of the largest importers and distributors of spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe
  • a chain of professional independent car repair shops operating in Slovakia and other European countries
  • a regional innovation center that provides comprehensive assistance and support to startup businesses and the startup ecosystem
  • the world’s leading provider of surface solutions, advanced materials and materials processing
  • an Israeli development company focusing on the construction of residential and non-residential premises
  • world supplier of rubber products from Poland
  • internationally operating manufacturer of roofing materials, sheets and facade systems and photovoltaic roof solutions
  • Slovak wine producer – market leader in the production of high-quality and internationally awarded wines
  • motor vehicle rental companies
  • provider of warehouse management software for entrepreneurs
  • Slovak manufacturer of industrial, shipping and residential containers, special containers and other steel structures, operating on the entire EU market
  • a Dutch international transport company providing a number of logistics services throughout Europe
  • commercial services agency sourcing professional workers across Europe for specialized activities
  • a fast growing international company providing services in the area of personnel and human resources
  • an American design and development engineering firm, providing mechanical, structural, electronic and aeronautical engineering services to international companies in the field of the aviation industry, based in Slovakia, operating in Europe and North America
  • an Italian company operating in waste management
  • an Israeli company operating in water technology
  • a company operating in information technology
  • a healthcare and medical cosmetics company
  • a company engaged in the distribution and sale of pharmaceuticals
  • a company engaged in development and project activities in the field of automation technology
  • an international company producing steel products
  • a company engaged in development and project activities in the field of automation technology
  • an international development company providing services in the construction, purchase and management of luxury apartments in Slovakia
  • American investor engaged in residential construction, financial leasing
  • German logistics company providing services mainly in the field of truck transport for the European region
  • a global group of service providers in the field of engineering, technology and construction, headquartered in Israel, employing 1,800 staff worldwide
  • world producer of bottle caps and sheet-metal packaging
  • Energy provider in Slovakia
  • popular fast food operator