The company profile

AARIOVÁ & RUŽBAŠÁN Law firm s.r.o. is an independent and reputable law firm providing comprehensive legal services to various clients, ranging from small businesses to big international companies. The firm was founded by advocate JUDr. Klaudia Azariová as a private company in 2000. Twelve years later the company changed its legal form to a partnership after a long-term devoted attorney, JUDr. Róbert Ružbašán, became the equity partner in the firm. As a result, the company changed its name to AZARIOVÁ & RUŽBAŠÁN Law firm s.r.o.

Our firm prides itself in providing specific approach tailored to the needs of our clients. We possess strong legal knowledge, well-proven know-how and market and industry expertise. Our team of experienced lawyers aim to protect the legal rights of individuals and businesses involved in private or commercial disputes. Our focus is on providing optimal solutions for our clients in order to ensure their success.

There are five basic fundamentals we follow in order to achieve these goals:

  • Professionalism, in everything we do
  • Reliability – we form open and honest relationships and we keep our promises
  • Confidentiality – ensuring our clients’ privacy is a fundamental part of our legal practice
  • Proactive approach – we will go above and beyond our clients’ expectations
  • Promptness – we will present and implement high quality solutions without any delay

Professionalism – reliability – confidentiality

Over the course of our business, we have provided legal oversight of the admission and establishment of several foreign investors in Slovakia. We have been involved in fundamental operations such as purchase of land and payment settlements, construction development, business start-ups and commencement of business operations, and negotiating labor and trade terms with suppliers , customers and other stakeholders. All our overseas clients remained in our current client portfolio and we greatly appreciate their loyalty



Our team of experts in each of the legal sector fields provides immediate access to industry insights and complex legal services. We believe that most optimal legal solutions are derived from inputs from several experienced attorneys and legal professionals working in our firm. Their proposals and legal opinions are subject to extensive examination, scrutiny and dialogue, in order to reach balanced and compact recommendations. The benefit of having a big team of lawyers lies within the improved opportunity for discussion and immediate availability. We realize the value of time and money, and we do not hesitate to work long hours to ensure timely delivery of legal solutions.

Financial, tax, accounting consultancy

In addition to our core legal services, we also provide tax, accounting and financial advice. Depending on the needs and requirements of our clients, we are able to offer comprehensive expert advice in these areas and draw conclusions leading to positive outcomes for interested parties. Further, we represent our clients in judicial, administrative and other disputes, including complex business negotiations and arbitration. We strive to keep our clients continuously informed and updated on any significant changes that may impact their business and operations in today’s global and dynamic environment.

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